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Analytic, statistic information and reviews of Ukrainian and global agricultural markets. A permanent monitoring of market conditions. We publish the yields and prices forecasts on a regular basis.
The WEB becomes a major source of data dissemination. Any company looking for an efficient operation should take note of this factor. Right because of that the ААА set up a WEB-design unit back in 2005.
Financial consulting

Attraction of external investment resources is impossible without a preliminary financial analysis and development of a borrowings strategy as an integral part of the Company's Development Strategy. The financial analysis procedures, carried over by the AAA Consulting Agency's experts include:

  • analysis of the company's financial performance development of recommendations on financial performance indicators improvement,
  • assessment of the company's business and investment possibilities (an internal due-diligence),
  • financial modelling of the company's operations,
  • development of capital attraction methods and best options selection strategy.

Analysis of company's financial and economic indicators is a first stage on the way to the capital attraction. This stage is being based upon a complete and comprehensive assessment of past and current company's financial and economic indicators, forecasting the ones for future periods, as well as on a detailed analysis of financial ratios. A final objective of financial and economic indicators analysis exercise is to determine the financial conditions of client's company, which if needed could help identifying the amounts of assets to be attracted both at domestic and/or external financial markets, as well as a level of the given company's attractiveness for potential investors.

Business' investment assessment, whose task is to identify the company's cost, is advisable to undertake both in case of merger and acquisition transactions and with the view of borrowings at public and private markets and establishment of the company's solvency level. It will be also advisable for the company's management with the view of cost-based management strategy implementation to undertake periodic company's cost assessments and monitor changes dynamics.

Financial modelling is the next not less important stage, allowing for the company's willing to attract additional capital owners to pick up the most rational and optimal borrowing methods. Thus the financial models, built up jointly with our foreign partners are based upon a complete and comprehensive analysis of the company's financial and economic performance and have justified and multi-optional ways for future development of the company's financial performance. We should note that when building up the financial models the peculiarities of domestic market, competitions patterns inherent to a specific economy's branch, as well as the company's financial, HR and technological potential are taken into consideration.

Financial strategy development – is a final preparatory phase, preceding a final decision of future investor's role and funding options selection. Being based upon the financial modelling results, the client's company shall be given a choice of future optimum business development, funding tools and most appropriate financial partner in terms of its strategic tasks settlement.

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