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Analytic, statistic information and reviews of Ukrainian and global agricultural markets. A permanent monitoring of market conditions. We publish the yields and prices forecasts on a regular basis.
The WEB becomes a major source of data dissemination. Any company looking for an efficient operation should take note of this factor. Right because of that the ААА set up a WEB-design unit back in 2005.
Strategic consulting and analysis

A strategic or management consulting is a provision of consultancy services to the companies' top managers along the following main directions:

  • Strategic planning and company's medium and long term development objectives elaboration,
  • Company's operational, financial and investment  activities administration,
  • Optimization and efficiency enhancement of the resources at the disposal of the company's management.

The basis for development of solutions of the problems the company faces with as well as for recommendations to the company's management in the respect of further development trends lies in a comprehensive analysis of the company's activities, determination of strengths and weaknesses in its operations and, development of several possible trends of business development as well as forecasting of the consequences of certain decisions taken. At the end of the day there will be developed a set of recommendations which has to promote a successful development of our client's business. And it could be either an accession to a new market, or activities' restructuring and/or diversification, and new commodities' or services' positioning.

In the course of recommendations development as a part of strategic consulting exercise we undertake an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as possibilities of its development taking account of current and future threats (SWOT-analysis), which allows for a more adequate assessment of certain company's further development scenarios prospective. A study of all the resources types available for the company leads to a better way of objectives attainment.

As a result when recurring to the strategic consulting option, our client could expect to receive qualified and well justified recommendations on the most efficient ways of business conducting minimizing possible risks inherent to this type of business undertaking.


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