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Analytic, statistic information and reviews of Ukrainian and global agricultural markets. A permanent monitoring of market conditions. We publish the yields and prices forecasts on a regular basis.
The WEB becomes a major source of data dissemination. Any company looking for an efficient operation should take note of this factor. Right because of that the ААА set up a WEB-design unit back in 2005.
Legal Services

Legal services is an integral part of consulting. For safely business conducting in the legal field, it is necessary, in particular, to provide systematical monitoring of changes in legislation, which able to do only professional practicing lawyers, having considerable experience and established extensive business contacts.

All this allows the Agency to provide legal services in the following areas :

Corporate law :

  • Complex legal services to clients,
  • Legal auditing,
  • Incorporation,
  • Companies winding-up,
  • Mergers and take-overs agreements conducting,
  • Solicitation in the general and specialized courts,
  • The appeal and cassation proceedings,
  • Final process attending,
  • Capital issue,
  • Immovables right properties, 
  • Land lots right properties.

Intellectual property :

Intellectual property is an important component of successful business ventures at the present day. Due to the fact that commercial relations with the use of intangible assets growing rapidly – increases the number of disputes related to the protection of industrial property rights. Among those disputes are leading cause of the protection of trademarks, legal cases relating to the protection of industrial designs, inventions and others.

The Agency offers a full range of legal services in the field of intellectual property rights:

  • Marks registration for goods and services,
  • Registration of Industrial Designs,
  • Registration of copyright and related rights,
  • The license agreements,
  • Inventions and Utility Models,
  • Representation at the State Department of intellectual property,
  • Representation at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Business licensing:

Certain types of businesses require licenses, permits, certificates, the absence of which could cause some impediments for business. To reduce the time and resources will help our specialists who have experience in obtaining such documents.

  • Construction activity licensing,
  • Licensing of international and domestic road transportation,
  • Obtaining and prolongation of the licensing cards for international and domestic transportation,
  • Tourism business licensing,
  • Obtaining permission for employment of foreign nationals,
  • Obtaining permission from the protection of labour public offices.
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