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Analytic, statistic information and reviews of Ukrainian and global agricultural markets. A permanent monitoring of market conditions. We publish the yields and prices forecasts on a regular basis.
The WEB becomes a major source of data dissemination. Any company looking for an efficient operation should take note of this factor. Right because of that the ААА set up a WEB-design unit back in 2005.
AAA Consulting Agency site launched English version

AAA Consulting Agency launched an English version of its imagery site, which is at http://www.aaa-consult.com.ua.

The Agency believes that Ukraine is on the path of global integration, becoming part of world civilization. This is reflected, on the one hand, the intensification of the process of reaching world stock markets Ukrainian companies, on the other hand, sustained interest in our country by foreign investors, and that attention to the English site AAA Consulting Agency.

The site contains information on the AAA Consulting Agency Services, and digests published in English for investment of the European Union on the situation in the Ukrainian economy, in particular the agricultural sector, food and processing industries.


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